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The GM–Free Australia Alliance Inc is an independent not-for- profit alliance of organisations and individuals sharing a common concern and motivation to act on the threat of Genetic Manipulation (GM) in Australia.

The GM-Free Australia Alliance 2020 Steering Group

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A GM-Free Australia
Genetic Manipulation is risky to human health and the environment, and is a threat to farmers worldwide. GM research results in patenting and a small number of transnational corporations controlling the food supply – from seed to spoon.

Eliminating GM from our farms and food is a priority for achieving sustainable agriculture and healthy food for our future.

The GM-Free Australia Alliance is expanding its membership, voice, power and capacity to win a GM–free Australia. Read our Vision, Mission and Purposes

alliance direct action

Charles Rue from the Columban Mission, current member of the Alliance Steering Committee, at a GM-Free protest on the steps of Victorian Parliament, 2008

Funded by Donations
The GM–Free Australia Alliance relies on donations, to achieve the important aim of a GM–Free Australia.


2014 Sydney GM-Free Australia Alliance Forum

Whole forum (30 mins)
Claire Chauvet
Claire Bleakley
Fran Murrell
Fred Haskins
Micheal Croft

Thanks to Peter Dowson from Digital Storytellers for filming our event.

2012 Adelaide Forum

Fran Murrell MADGE
Senator Nick Xenophon
Phil Davies IHER
You ask the questions about GM-free SA
Geoffrey Carracher, Network of Concerned Farmers
Mark Parnell MP, Greens, South Australia
David Pisoni MP, Unley, Liberal Party