Media Release:Monsanto Tribunal

Monsanto on trial in The Hague 14th-16th October.
Monsanto, a US-based company, has developed a number of highly toxic products, including GMO crops, Roundup, PCBs and Agent Orange. These have permanently damaged the environment and caused misery, illness or death for millions of people.

A public trial of Monsanto, the will take place at The Hague from 14th-16th October. The trial aims to hold Monsanto to account and contribute to the establishment of international mechanisms to bring justice to victims of multinationals.
Five judges will hear the testimony of 30 witnesses, on:
·   Harm caused by the spraying of pesticides in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, France, India, Sri Lanka and India
·   Damage to farmers and seed savers in Australia, Bangladesh, Burkino Faso, Canada and France
·    Harm to beekeepers in Yucatan, Mexico
·    Science from Brazilian, French, German, UK and US scientists.
Fran Murrell, co-founder of MADGE, is part of the Australia/Pacific delegation who are travelling to the Hague to represent our farmers and eaters.
"GM crops have damaged health all around the world. There are high levels of cancer and birth defects in GM soy growing areas of South America, linked to the herbicides used on the crops. How can it be safe to feed food grown like this to our families? We want nutrition, not human rights abuse, on our plates." Said Fran Murrell.
"Monsanto promotes a model which contributes to carbon emissions while depleting our planets soil and water, displacing farmers and patenting seeds and life. It's time Monsanto is held accountable for their crimes."

Fran will be reporting on facebook and Twitter

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