New GM-Free Shopping List out now

The 2017 edition of the GM-Free Shopping List, published today, includes many brands not listed in earlier editions.

The GM-Free Australia Alliance (GMFAA) has further reported increasing interest from food producers this year to the demand for groceries free of genetically manipulated organisms (GMOs). 

GMFAA spokesperson Jessica Harrison stated that the Shopping List acknowledges and promotes a growing list of brands whose GM-free status caters to consumers' right to choose non-GM foods. “Australians passionate about the right to choose have been voting with their wallets. Growing consumer awareness about genetic manipulation is increasing demand for both conventional and organic foods, supporting their producers and adding to market pressure on food producers to choose non-GMO suppliers".

“More than 50,000 Australians, New Zealanders, and Pacific Islanders have joined local and national consumer groups that explicitly seek products free of GMOs,” Ms Harrison said, "and these groups represent a small fraction of the market demand for GM-free products.  The GM-Free Shopping List helps consumers make that informed choice.”

GMFAA, a not-for-profit organisation, distributes the GM-Free Shopping List free of charge, both on line and at local, regional, and national events. 

Comment: Jessica Harrison 0407307231 [email protected]

You can download the GM-Free Shopping List here.

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