The GM-Free Australia Alliance Management Committee oversees the operations of the Not-for-profit Association.


Bob PhelpsBob Phelps founded Gene Ethics in 1988 and is its Executive Director. Our citizens network joined GMFAA to help work for a safe, equitable and sustainable GM-free society. We advocate, campaign and educate for GM-free to the public and policy-makers.
Dan Rea Dan Rea, I'm a keen organic gardener for the future, based in Perth Hills and I represent Foodwatch WA. We are members of the GMFAA because we believe there are more sustainable ways to provide food to the growing population of the future than using GMOs and pesticides. We believe GMOs and glyphosate are a threat to the earth’s seed diversity and bee population. Losing either would be catastrophic.
Claire Bleakley Claire Bleakley, I’m based in New Zealand and I want to keep NZ GE Free. I represent GE Free NZ in Food and Environment. We are members of the GMFAA because it is a vibrant, ethical and important organisation.  We enjoy working together and sharing information which we feel is vital for good robust discussion and support for each other. GE Free NZ are also members and involved in the True Food Guide Working Group.
Alex Mijatovic Alex Mijatovic, After becoming a mum my awareness and interest in food and health grew exponentially. I discovered that GMOs may contribute to many illnesses, allergies and afflictions plaguing our lives, and became determined to be a part of the solution. I see the GMFAA as a crucial organisation in uniting the GM-Free movement in Australia and leading us all to a GM-Free future.